Leapfrog has the experience and ability to develop solutions and recommendations based on qualitative and quantitative evidence through the analysis of the different components that make up your project. Supported by our network of specialized professionals we translate the needs and preoccupations of your project in action with results.

We design user-centered strategies through an iterative process that involves obtaining data on user behavior and the experience of people who actually interact with the product. We use user-centered design (UCD) to produce progress and inform design decisions.

Web analytics allows us to record and track statistics and relevant behaviors and allows us to identify what drives the conversation on your site. Leapfrog helps you to create digital strategies and manage goals by comparing the data on the behavior of your users against key performance indicators.

Leapfrog defines, designs and develops data visualizations based on research and findings. We use our design and programming skills to analyze complex data sets and have the ability to organize and translate data into information in order to produce accurate visual conclusions.