about leapfrog ai

Hi there! Since 2010, I’ve been a freelance developer, born in Germany and currently residing in Chile. 

As an experienced web developer and designer, I have been actively engaged in crafting digital solutions. Additionally, as an architect exploring cultural heritage and generative art, I bring a distinctive perspective to my work. 2019 I started creative coding and since 2021, I have embarked on a professional evolution into artificial intelligence, updating my knowledge base and specializing in Machine Learning.

In essence, my journey is directed towards leveraging my expertise in programming, web development, creative coding, with new skills in artificial intelligence and machine learning, to offer comprehensive digital remote services tailored to persons and organizations seeking solutions in the realm of advanced data analytics and machine learning. 

My goal is to transform innovative ideas into practical solutions by leveraging the potential of these technologies.

I am a dedicated professional passionate about driving innovation through the implementation of information technologies and design thinking for participatory methodologies. I have a proven track record of leveraging open-source technologies to create solutions that foster cooperation and collaboration in teams and organizational settings. I am skilled in knowledge management, developing strategies for co-creation, and streamlining information management to empower organizations.



Sofia Vargas Koch

Developer #womenwhocode


Research and services.