About us


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We like to build strategies and systems.

We have developed analytical and problem solving skills, and the ability to quickly develop recommendations based on quantitative and qualitative evidence. This makes us comfortable working with data, but at the time we understand users needs and act as a advocate for those needs.

To fork our understanding of user-centric-design we have developed methods and tactics to create and experiment with behavioral design, we focus on how a structure or system, as viewed by the users, meets their needs and requirements.

Information architecture allows us to bring principles of design and architecture to the digital landscape, “as in the creating of systemic, structural, and orderly principles to make something work --the thoughtful making of either artifact, or idea, or policy that informs because it is clear."[ia]

We studied the concept of urban emergency based on social capital in the city of Valparaiso and developed a experimental series of digital platforms based on Drupal to empower citizens to organize and improve the protection of this world heritage site.

Learning about participatory design has given us an approach to design attempting to actively involve all stakeholders in the process and to meet the needs of the citizen user. We like to think about user empowerment as an evolving process in design.

We believe in open-source and leapfrogging as a notion that areas, companies or any kind of organization can move themselves forward rapidly through the adoption of modern and collaborative systems without going through intermediary steps.

Leapfrog is a creative team, we work from Chile, Santiago and Valparaiso, and remotely with Germany and USA.

Powered by a network of specialized professionals we research, work and innovate in areas of interest like participatory design, user-centric strategies, protection of world heritage and conservation areas, collaborative content strategies and crowdsource-mapping. Leapfrog was founded by Sofia Vargas-Koch, she holds a master degree in architecture.