Piwik can be used in compliance with data protection laws

Mar 20, 2011

"We are proud to support User Privacy best practises and regularly work on related features and improvements. Since January this year, we have also been in close contact with the Independent Center for Privacy Protection in Germany, Schleswig-Holstein (ULD). The aim of the collaboration was to implement data protection regulations in the source code so that Piwik can be used in compliance with the new German privacy protection laws.

To achieve this compliance, the ULD has analyzed the source code of Piwik and listed specific areas of improvement, most of which have been incorporated into Piwik 1.2. In addition, the ULD came up with a description and guide, to help the user set up a privacy-compliant configuration of Piwik. This document can be found here (in German): Instructions for privacy-compliant configuration of Piwik.

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