IBM THINK Exhibit: a Review

Oct 24, 2011

"The darkened room is mirrored on either side and set with circular arrangements of display screens -- of a size and presence that seem to be schooled in Mark Rothko immersion techniques. In a well-orchestrated arrangement of sound, typography, and moving image, the opening film sequence narrates the timeline of our technological history, unsurprisingly (but also rightfully) featuring IBM visionaries and products. A captive audience is plunged into darkness and light, and the effect is kaleidoscopic -- at once distracting and mesmerizing. The narrative continues by outlining the basic stages of IBM's problem-solving process, setting us up for the sections we will later explore: SEEING, MAPPING, UNDERSTANDING, BELIEVING, and ACTING. Even going in with critical eye, for the duration of the film it's impossible not to suspend disbelief to accept the soundness of their vision - a history of technology improving society, and the march towards a world of known-knowns." Reda more at