GeoIQ Connect

Apr 6, 2011

"The explosion of social networks, mobile applications, location-based services and government open data initiatives has led to loads of valuable data existing in the cloud. Harnessing this information, pairing it with enterprise data and turning it into actionable intelligence gives enterprises a real market advantage. GeoIQ ConnectTM is the first geospatial product connecting enterprise internal data with external data stored in the cloud. GeoIQ Connect fuses multiple data sources into one interface simplifying the way businesses access, analyze and visualize geospatial data. GeoIQ Connect is the first and only geospatial product that connects to both traditional relational databases like Oracle and mySQL, and multiple NoSQL object stores like HBase and MongoDB for geospatial visualization and analysis. GeoIQ Connect supports traditional relational databases Oracle (Spatial & Non-spatial), PostgreSQL & PostGIS, MySQL as well as NoSQL object stores HBase, Hadoop and MongoDB. Support for Riak, Cassandra and Microsoft SQLServer are in development."Read more at