Dordrechts "interactive" museum

Feb 17, 2013
"Drupal provides a great platform for building complex websites and integrates very well with web services. We chose Drupal 6 (over Drupal 7) principally for its stability at the time that we were developing the website.

In 2010, the Dordrechts Museum launched their new website as part of a total rebranding of the museum. The goal was to invest more into its relationship with regular visitors, and to offer them, and new visitors, a more interactive experience.

With these targets in mind, we, Joy Group, developed their new website.

The museum has about 30,000 pieces of art in total. Only a selection of these can be seen at any one time at the museum in Dordrecht, but visitors to the online museum are able to access all 30,000 pieces.

With so many pieces available on the website, visitors have to be able to find the art they want to see. To help with this, we have created some custom functionality that we call "DNA," - an advanced algorithm that builds a profile from data collected from registered users when they browse the website.

How it works: When visitors register on the website, they are guided through a quick four-step wizard that will begin the process of building their unique DNA. For example: what do visitors like, what do they dislike, do they mark a piece of art as a favorite, or do they leave a comment? From these behaviors, the algorithm is able to provide tips and recommend current and new pieces of art, thereby encouraging visitors to continue browsing or to come back for another visit"