7+ Social Software Platforms for Enterprise Collaboration

Sep 7, 2010

One of the social platforms presented is Drupal Commons. Commons as a platform for building community sites based on Drupal that enables users to:

  • Sign up as community members
  • Create a profiles
  • Form and join groups, with the group administrator deciding how controlled or uncontrolled the new membership process is plus whether a group and its content is public or private
  • Assign more than one administrator for a group
  • Discuss in group forums
  • Work together in wikis
  • Create and post to group blogs
  • Schedule meetups
  • Track what's happening through personalized dashboards
  • Link community members to your company's CRM, LDAP, and marketing automation systems
  • Built-in site analytics with graphs for new users, new groups, new posts, and other metrics over various time periods

Source: CMS Wire "7+ Social Software Platforms for Enterprise Collaboration"