Usability studies

Leapfrog designs studies to improve the usability of your product. We organize decisions around stakeholders and in relation to the objective, scope, resources and expected results for the product.

We incorporate usability activities to inform the design process through the experience with the product. Leapfrog has an interest in discovering new indicators and the experience to identify relevant factors in the usability of your system.

We help establish meaningful goals for analysis and deliver tools that can measure and track indicators through web analysis.

We offer 4 lines of activities and services:

User Research
From the earliest stages of a project is vital to understand the needs and expectations of the community of product users.

Requirements Analysis
The requirements analysis summarizes the necessary functions, capabilities or features of your project in order to help you to focus and prioritize the project plan.

Task Analysis
The task analysis identifies the actions and cognitive processes required for a user to complete a task or achieve a specific goal.

Usability evaluation
The objective of the evaluation can be improved usability of the product as part of the design and development process or to assess the degree that has been reached in the usability goals.