Web analytics

Web analytics allows us to improve and optimize the use of your website based on your business objectives. It allows recording and tracking of relevant statistics and behaviors and allows us to identify what drives the conversation on your site.

Leapfrog's Web-Analytics service helps you to create digital strategies and to manage your goals by comparing the data on the behavior of your users against key performance indicators and allows us to identify the "buzz" that is happening on your site. Leapfrog helps you to collect and analyze data from sources such as Google Analytics or installation of Piwik on own servers.

We complete the analysis with Leapfrog's SEO* service to identify opportunities and niche markets, we consider how search engines work, what people search for and the terms or relevant keywords and optimize content to combine with these terms.

Our services can increase the relevance of specific keywords and can eliminate barriers to indexing activities of search engines. We review the content and structure of your site and ensure that your site is designed for search engine ranking and to achieve "organic" traffic.

* SEO means search engine optimization, it is the process of getting traffic from the results of a search engine.