Requirements studies

The analysis of requirements summarizes the necessary functions, capabilities or characteristics related to the software and helps to focus and prioritize the project plan and provides guidance for strategic decision making and planning.

This type of analysis is part of best practices and is recommended before starting a design phase. The analysis identifies the requirements of each stakeholder of the system through interviews and workshops and analytical methods.

For example 'Personas'' correspond to an exercise that allows to tell stories about users so that the organization can better understand the target user and their requirements. It is a representation of a fictitious user that includes a concise summary of user characteristics, experience, goals and tasks, pain points and environmental conditions.

Personas describe the target users of a tool, site, product or application and deliver ideas about how a user is likely to use the system and help to identify expectations of user groups.

Designing an interface to meet the needs of a specific 'Persona' allows to meet the needs of larger group of users with similar objectives. Each persona represents a particular user group and is created after analyzing and classifying data from user research.