Web Content Management in 2011: It Ain't Going Anywhere

Apr 7, 2011

"Web Content Management is, and will continue to be an important component of your web strategy. Who uses it and how it's used is evolving, but that doesn't change the fact that this technology is key to building and maintaining your online customer experience."

WCM is the Hub for Web Engagement

"What we've always considered a communication tool has changed dramatically over the last couple of years. Web content management is no longer simply about building brochure-ware style websites. We have gone from static websites with a lot of marketing material to personalized engaging web experiences, and the website is only one element of that experience.

This means that web content management technology has had to change with the times. And while web content management 101 is still important to any web strategy, it's just the beginning. Here at CMSWire, we see web content management as the hub for the entire online experience and we know that many agree with that view."Read more at cmswire.com