The United Nation's ReliefWeb Relaunches in Drupal 7

Apr 13, 2011

"ReliefWeb is one of the largest repositories of humanitarian relief information available online, giving hundreds of thousands of humanitarian workers access to first hand reports from emergency zones, training resources, and the latest employment opportunities each year. It's a particularly indispensable resource when disaster strikes, having provided more than 386,000 reports from more than 2,200 disasters at the time of this posting. A main goal of the relaunch was to help relief workers find content faster. Faceted search allowed us to consolidate the information architecture into three searchable rivers for reports (updates), jobs, and trainings. Search, coupled with filter options that show the number of results ahead of time, make for a very powerful user interface for drilling down on posts, alleviating the need for more heavy handed hierarchical navigations." Read more at developmentseed