UNHCR Relaunches data.unhcr.org

Apr 11, 2013

The United Nation's Refugee Agency, launched a new iteration of data.unhcr.org, along with a significant redesign to its information sharing portals. Providing open data has become a critical tool in UNHCR's response to refugee crises. With 1 million refugees now in Syria, the largest current situation, UNHCR is providing data and operations information through data.unhcr.org to improve coordination and the overall on-the-ground response. The redesign marks the first release of the work Development Seed has been doing with the UNHCR GIS and data team.

"Information portals provide a critical access and coordination point for UNHCR and its operational partners, as well as serve as the primary resource for up-to-date data about demographics and operations around a crises. The redesign refreshed critical UI components to improve the experience in accessing and using the portal, and is the first step in improving the way UNHCR shares data with its partners and the public."

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