re:publica 2012 analogue twitter wall by Precious

Jun 23, 2012

- 38,378 printed tweets -

"For re:publica, one of Europe’s largest conferences about social media, blogging and the digital society, Precious design studio created an analogue twitter wall to deter visitors from their usual stares at the digital screens by bringing the virtual to the physical space and creating action around it. During the course of 3 days a total of 38,378 tweets appeared on the wall.

Printing out tweets and pasting them on a wall was one of the first ideas they had. It also inspired everything else they developed for the conference – signage, video trailer, stage design etc. The 14 x 3 meter scaffolding construction was erected in the central area of the location to become “live” twitter coverage on layers of A4 printed paper. Even though everything worked out as planned, there was something beyond their control: the reactions of 4000 attendees. Not only did visitors enjoyed reading the tweets but also a lot of them posted their own tweets just to photograph them being physically present on the wall." More information @CreativeApplicationsNetwork.