Engaged, Informed Employees Get the Job Done

Mar 19, 2012
"This month's theme for CMSWire is about taking the focus of Customer Experience Management (CXM) and applying it internally to the enterprise, particularly to Enterprise Information Management (EIM) environments.

The role of the intranet Web Content Management System in a multi-channel environment
— can your Web CMS handle output in a limited life HTML based micro-site, multiple mobile browsers and an integrated portal?

Mobile — how do you replicate a highly usable intranet experience on small screens, or indeed these days on the not so small screens, but somewhat constrained browser environments of iOS and Android tablets? Also, do you push info to Apps? And considering the overall "experience" element, how do you ensure that "always on" does not equate to ruining that fragile work-life balance?

Analytics — do you have good analytics on your intranet now? Are you ready to push that to the next level with your social intranet, to do sentiment analysis etc. with your employees?

I have focused on unstructured content so far, but the intranet is also your presentation layer for internal big data and business intelligence, for decision support, and if you remember the now dated acronym, Management Information Systems.

By being a highly valuable, and hopefully highly usable central hub, the intranet is what the military call a "force multiplier":  its impact is greater than the sum of its parts.

Enterprise Search
If we are to make already loyal employees into true brand advocates, who bore the hell out of their friends and family by constantly telling them how great their work place is, then we need to provide them with the tools required to find useful information, that they can work with to make insightful discoveries and add value to the organization.

Search sucks for many varied and usually very good reasons:
  • The organization does not have high level corporate (enterprise wide) ownership of information management
  • it does not tag information with metadata
  • it has no search team other than an FTE Sys Admin in IT
  • no one sees the value of being able to widely search across all potential repositories and applications.