The Drupal phenomenon: technology + community

Mar 21, 2012

"The Drupal phenomenon: technology + community. Drupal’s growth and success is thanks to a potent combination of technology and people. Dries Buytert, Drupal’s founder and Project Lead, puts it this way,

“Open source leads to collaboration, which leads to community, which leads to innovation."

Drupal’s open source licensing makes it possible for anyone to collaborate, improve the software, and benefit from the knowledge and expertise of others. This has lead to a strong sense of community among more than 16 thousand active developers and almost 800 thousand users. With thousands or tens of thousands of people communicating and cooperating around the world, every day, Drupal has a phenomenal rate of innovation. It has been at the cutting edge of web technologies such as RSS feeds in the early days, to the hot topics of today and tomorrow like the semantic web, responsive web design, and the mobile internet."